Younicycle PaaS
Younicycle PaaS is a Database Builder & Web Application Builder powered by PostgreSQL and available on the web as a web application & online 'Platform as a Service' Suite, allowing you to create your own SaaS applications, collaborative workspace, directly on the web.
Younicycle was created for:
The Independent-minded Sole Practitioner.  This person is not quite a Developer, does have a variety of specific skills, but is lacking in other critical knowledge such as setup & maintenance of a web server - or - limited Design/Scripting abilities (examples).  This person's greatest strength is a desire to learn.A Group with a variety of Talents.  One person may be skilled in Design while others could have strengths in database structure, Writing, Scripting.  This diverse Group will be able to Collaborate & provide compelling Solutions.The Expert.  This person has it all but is open to alternative methods - or may be seeking a comprehensive Suite that saves time & money.  The Expert will be most intrigued by the Younicycle Server Package.
This site is the online version (Saas: Software as a Service).  Unlike other SaaS, Younicycle will also be offering a Server Package (Linux).  You will be able to Private Label & instantly have your own, commercial PaaS (Platform as a Service) or simply retain for your own use.